In this course, participants will be introduced to the foundations of mindfulness and the effect of mindfulness training on emotional regulation and stress reduction.  In addition, participants will learn the purpose and value of the child and adolescent brain and its role in preparing children for life, along with ways to redirect the attention of a child in the midst of a tantrum. Participants will explore methods for cultivating emotional resilience, kindness and compassion in their children. Parenting by all standards is challenging. In this course, participants will have an opportunity to listen deeply and with consideration to their children and create new ways of interacting, which, in turn, will teach children to manage their own stressors and live their own lives with greater skill and enjoyment.




TBA in 2019



Join me in Oswego, IL for a 4-week course in Mindful Parenting. This course teaches parents and caretakers the art of being fully present with your child with kindness, consideration, and compassion.



Tuition is $299.00 for one parent/caretaker or $399.00 for two parents/caretakers.